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Posted by Tim Stevens on

One Direction; we said it would end in tears.

You would all be well aware by now that Huntington Estate does not follow fashions nor does it chase fads. For instance we warned against Justin Bieber then said the same about One Direction, we said it would end in tears. I said the same about The Beatles. Haha, told you so. 

It all started back in the 1960s when Bob Roberts’ Sydney mates James Halliday, Len Evans, et al decided to plant their vineyards in the fashionable Hunter Valley. 

Instead Bob established Huntington Estate at the vinously superior Mudgee and started making traditional, timeless styles of wine In 1975, while the rest of Australia was indulgently trying to defend democracy, Bob was assiduously making real history by being the first winemaker in Australia to declare ‘Merlot’ on his label. 

He even planted Chardonnay vines instead of the more fashionable ‘hock’ varieties of Riesling, Trebbiano and Gewürztraminer. We still produce Chardonnay that is proudly labelled ‘barrel fermented’ despite the fashionable push for leanness and minimal oak. 

I was brought up drinking truly great Aussie Chardonnays like Rosemount’s Roxburgh and Tyrrells Vat 47. These wines had moderate oak levels, ripe fruit and just great flavours. Yes I can hear you sanctimoniously murmuring that these are both Hunter wines, but they do occasionally do something right, now shush. 

So it is with great pride that in this newsletter we release our latest Barrel Fermented Chardonnay, with some oak impact, a tiny hint of sweetness, but just full of flavour. The style hasn’t changed and it’s one of our best yet. And to join it in the crusade against fashionistas everywhere is our 2014 Merlot, the first time we have released this varietal as a Special Reserve wine. 

Take that ‘Sideways’. This wine is made in the traditional and time-proven Bordeaux style of medium-full bodied with chewy and prominent tannins, strong dark fruits and some spiciness. It is, I think, the best Merlot we have produced at Huntington Estate. I know you will enjoy both of these wines. 

Until the next newsletter I will now drive home in my icky green P76 and lay on the sofa watching reruns of The Sullivans on my Beta cassette player. To hell with making a profit, I’ll just cuddle up to our Most Successful Exhibitor Trophy from the recent Mudgee Wine Show. 

Cheers! Tim Stevens, Owner-Chief Winemaker, Huntington Estate

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