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Tim Stevens Signature

We also offer a limited range of wines by Chief Winemaker Tim Stevens both as Museum Releases crafted while he was at Abercorn (his previous winery) and later at Huntington Estate, still in his signature style.

The wines are bigger, bolder and ultimately more modern in style than the Huntington Estate wines.

“…modern, with deep vivid colours, intense blackberry fruit and new French-oak aromas, bold palate flavours and generally firm tannins…” Huon Hooke

They do however have three things in common:

Those exceptional Mudgee tannins.
They were built to age.
They are rippers!

  • 2016 Tim Stevens Signature Shiraz

    2016 Tim Stevens Signature Shiraz

    Elegant, rich and sensual. VINTAGE 2016 had a cool, wet start to the season with a great lift of warmth throughout vintage. A steady ripening period with timely rain produced high quality fruit with great acid and flavour...

  • 2017 Tim Stevens Signature Shiraz Cabernet

    2017 Tim Stevens Signature Shiraz Cabernet

    Complex and alluring. VINTAGE 2017 was a great red vintage, and the culmination of a huge amount of hard work understanding how to manage the warmer seasons in the vineyard and winery. The promise of the wines was evident...