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It’s what’s on the inside that counts. The quality of the wine is everything, so we invest in grape growing and winemaking, not packaging or marketing. We’ve barely changed the labels since 1973, we don’t have a flashy Cellar Door or clever slogans. We focus on the wine - we think it speaks for itself.

Time is the true test of a wine

Great wine evolves as it ages, growing in complexity and elegance, softening naturally with time. We don’t strip or sugar up our wine to get it soft enough to drink young, we release our reds at 4 to 5 years of age, when the acids and tannins have thrown a crust in the bottle.

Huntington Cellars

The Huntington Cellars

Old vines make great wines

Old vines produce lower yields of higher quality fruit, with smaller berries for perfect tannins and more intense fruit flavours. We take extra care of our 50+ year old, thick gnarly vines, and are planting now to ensure the old vines of the future.

Old Huntington Vines

Spring in the vineyard

Estate grown, made & bottled

No one could possibly care as much about our wine as we do, so no one else touches it. Year after year, we tend the same blocks of dirt, nurture the same vines and craft our wines. We strive for perfection at every step, and that’s what makes the difference between good and great wine. 


Our winemaking team during vintage 2016