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Huntington Estate Méthode Traditionelle Pinot Noir Chardonnay

AUD $35.00 inc. gst

Vivacious, sherbet-y, moreish.

VINTAGE  Non-Vintage – the traditional approach to adding wine each year to the “pot” to produce a consistent, high quality blend.

VARIETY The Australian chardonnay story began in Mudgee, with local Alf Kurtz growing unidentified chardonnay cuttings taken from James Busby’s original collection. In the early 1970s, wine from the Kurtz grapes was made and labelled as Australia’s first Chardonnay. Chardonnay goes in and out of fashion, but with multiple plantings on different soil types, altitude and orientation; dating back to the mid ‘70s; our love affair with the King of White Wines is enduring and true. Made in the traditional way using a 50/50 blend of Estate-grown Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. 

WINEMAKING  Just disgorged, this latest version of our delicious bubbles is made the ‘traditionelle’ way, with a second fermentation in bottle, followed by 18 months being riddled (slowly turned) on lees (yeast) to naturally generate bubbles and bring a lovely toasty character to the wine. Kicking off Vintage 2018 on January 25th Pinot Noir from Block 12 and Chardonnay from Block 17 were picked at 10.7 baume and co-fermented (55% Pinot, 45% Chardonnay). 600L of the non-Vintage base wine was added to the 1400L of 2018 wine to add character and complexity hence the ‘NV’.

IN NOSE  Clean and refreshing with attractive notes of lemon and green apple sherbet.

IN MOUTH Lively, clean and refreshing with a lovely brioche-like character from the lees contact in the background.

CELLAR 2025+

DRINK WITH To paraphrase the Widow Cliquot... “when you're happy and when you're sad. Sometimes when you're alone. When you have company it is obligatory. Trifle with it if you're not hungry and drink it when you are. Otherwise, never touch it – unless you're thirsty.” 


"Pale salmon-pink colour. Reserved spicy strawberry-smoky pinot aromas, the palate light and straightforward, finishing a little short. Acidity is soft and on the low side. A pleasant, lighter-bodied wine with a soft but dry finish." HUON HOOKE 2020