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2017 Tim Stevens Signature Shiraz Cabernet

AUD $100.00 inc. gst

Elegant, rich and sensual.



95 POINTS "A 50/50 blend of Mudgee fruit to showcase the best the region can produce. This is an excellent Shiraz Cabernet blend. The Shiraz saw 60% new American oak and the Cabernet saw 70% aged French oak with a total of 18 months in oak. Upon opening, expressive aromas of cedar, clove and caramel were prominent and bounding along. A day on and these were more tame with added scents of bark and lead pencil. An ever so slight mintiness partnered the dried herbs too. The fruit is sleek through the mouth. Beautifully balanced on its feet, it maneuvers and swerves covering every crevice with absolute ease. Superfine tannins feather the palate on exit leaving a long and delectable finish. The urge to reach for another sip is irresistible. Class all the way. Drink 2021 to a decade+" QWINE, May 2019

91 Points  "... It's full-bodied and rich... A very big wine, with lots of grunt and rusticity... A solid wine that would repay cellaring. Cellaring: 2022-2037" Huon Hooke, May 2019

"Alluring purples hues,vibrant aromas of red fruit, herbs & a pinch of spices, melded together, a svelte mouthful of superb flavours with a crisp, tight, lingering finish. Great now but will evolve over the next few years to become TRULY SENSATIONAL !!" Wine Assist, Dan Traucki

"This ultra-premium red was recently used to help celebrate the Mudgee winery’s fiftieth and it really is a ball-tearer. Winemaker Tim Steven describes the wine as more modern than the traditional Huntington red style and he’s quite right. The wine, incidentally, grew out of an earlier release of Tim’s called the Growers’ Revenge. Go the growers. It’s getting time to match this top-class red with the best of cold-weather stews." EGlobal News, John Rozentals, May 2019

"I know this sounds bizarre, but have you ever been in a situation where you thought time just stood still?  I realise this is not possible, but people say things like this has happened to them in some situations.  How about an experience where there was a certain stillness in everything around you, yet what you were doing or feeling seemed like the only thing happening.  Has a wine ever done that to you?  This one seemed to do it for me...  A beautiful, youthful purple colour of course. Delightful aromas of juicy red and blue fruits, herbs and a pleasant oak influence (not surprising considering the 60% new American oak used for the shiraz) but you can tell this is just a tease for what is in store. ‘Exuberance’ would be the number one way to describe what you find when tasting it. A close second would be luxurious. It has all the freshness and up front fruit of a young and exciting wine. Abundant black and blue fruits partnering up nicely with the oak providing a balanced and lush feel on the palate. Smooth, suave and sophisticated tannins add to the class of this wine as it shimmies and saunters its way to a terrific length. If you couldn’t tell by my notes, I loved this wine. It seems so complete now (with a bit of air time) yet has a great future as well. The best of both worlds!"... more... Words from a Wineglass, May 2019

"This wine offers dense blackberry aromatics with mulberry overtones and a touch of oak. In typical Huntington Estate style the tannins are mouth-coating, framing an intense, long palate. Very much a cellaring style. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ★★★★☆" Winewise Magazine, June 2019

"This Flagship cracker red blend elevates & celebrates Huntington Estate's 50th year of establishment and winemaker Tim Stevens' achievements at that level. Chocolate brioche, maraschino cherries and mixed herbs immediately imbue the olfactory senses.  An enticing sweet and sour front palate sweetness [14.7% Alc] allows the power and subtlety of the finely crafted blend of varietal characters to seduce the mid-palate. There is a subtle transition from seductive smoothness to mid / long palate balance, structure and opulence... a steel fist in a leather glove. This well-assembled, balanced and integrated flagship powerhouse premium blend delivers smoothness now. It also shows promise of longevity and further integration over the next few years." The Grape Hunter, Gilbert Labour. June 2019