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Tim's Ravings

A Great Time to Visit Mudgee

The weather in Mudgee is glorious at the moment; cool, crisp nights followed by clear, sunny days. Winter and Spring is a great time here, invariably green and languid.For those who haven’t been to Mudgee lately, allow me to paint the scene. Mudgee has rejuvenated its famous streetscape in recent years and is one of [...]

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A mess of our own making?

The Australian wine industry is in trouble. Deep trouble.Despite a vision 10 years ago to put Australia on the world wine map with premium, regional wines –such as Barossa shiraz and Coonawarra Cabernet – we’re now seen internationally as ‘cheap and cheerful.We all rallied behind that premium, regional goal. All except the big companies who [...]

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Chardonnay Here To Stay!!!

I appear to have recently lost a bottle of Grange to friend in a bet. He is yet to receive the wine; I have lawyered-up, to examine loopholes. The bet (which, Your Honour, was not witnessed) was a friend trying to convince me that Sauvignon Blanc would topple Chardonnay as Australia’s top white. I do admit I was blinded by [...]

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Estate Grown Made and Bottled.

There is a popular phrase among wine lovers that ‘great wines are made in the vineyard’.It’s a flippant aside that bends reality, because the vineyard is just the beginning of a very complex and treacherous journey to bottle.The analogy is that of a Car Racing Team. Having a great driver is only the start; without [...]

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It's Our Birthday!

40 years ago Bob Roberts came to Mudgee, shoved a few thousand sticks in the ground, and hoped they would grow.  Bob had a vision, developed in the company of the fathers of the modern Australian wine industry at Bulletin Place in Sydney. The group included the likes of Len Evans and Max Lake who shared the ’wine bug’ that, [...]

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I'm Not into Facelifts

I am not into facelifts or other enhancements, as you can see from my photo. I mean, just look at Madonna.In the end, age and time don’t lie. So it is with wine.Traditionally wines - red ones in particular – have been made to age. Its what the French and Italians do so well, particularly [...]

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It’s the tannin, stupid

There has been much debate lately in Mudgee Winemaking circles about trying to describe the style of our red wines. The debate has been spurred by continued frustration over the generally low level of promotion Mudgee wines. I must confess to finding the debate a little odd for while I agree we could all certainly be [...]

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Wine fashions frustrate

The wine scene has always got caught up in fashions. A great example is in white wine. One day we like overoaked chardonnay, the next we like unoaked chardonnay, the next we hate all chardonnay and critics tell us we must switch to riesling.Invariably, as statistics reveal, well balanced chardonnay comes back and remains the [...]

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Tim's Raving

My predecessor Bob Roberts once told me that he has never seen two vintages even vaguely the same. We were talking not just about the actual weather conditions but also the tastes of the wine. From my limited perspective in Mudgee, he is dead right. The red wine vintages from 1997 to 2007 were, respectively; elegant, [...]

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