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Black Label

Huntington Estate produces limited quantities of two exceptional and iconic, flagship wines. Trophy winning, 95/100 scoring, out of the ordinary wine.

Block 3 Cabernet Sauvignon is produced exclusively from one of the finest blocks of Cabernet in the country. The 45 year old vines produce grapes with flavours that are distinctive, varietal and exquisite; the super-fine tannins Nebbiolo-like in their ability to numb the tongue. 

This wine was born from a search for flavour and vibrancy from Mudgee Shiraz. Over the years, Tim noticed that at around 11.5 baume, Mudgee Shiraz grapes have beautiful pepper, spice and floral characters, but that they disappear as the fruit ripens. Tim came up with a way to have his cake and eat it too. Basket-Dried Shiraz is made using the Amarone technique from Italy. Clean and green grapes are picked at around 11.5 baume and ripened off the vine - while drying in baskets - until they reach a baume of around 14 to 15 to intensify flavours. The resulting wines are big and powerful, with a beautiful floral / fruit profile lifted by peppery notes. Serious Shiraz.